Why Adopt a Public Cloud

by: Ajay Khankhoje

Cloud and Virtualization- the buzz words of recent years have put many of us fazed in multitude of ways – What Cloud Means to our company? What Cloud offers to our product? Do we really need this? How to virtualize our existing servers? How to make load balanced servers? How to migrate existing application to cloud? What about cloud certifications? What about security of data in cloud? My client is a bank, should we migrate them to cloud without compromising on data security? We Offer complete range of cloud services from Planning Services, Lift & shift Services, Application Development, Integration Services, Build & Deployment services and Migration Services.

Cloud Services leverage the new paradigm of cloud development helping customers overcome the limitations of existing IT architectures. Our Development process our fine tune to speed up the project’s time to market.

PaaS: Compute | Spike | Scale


Overview : Most companies are undergoing a tough phase during the software development lifecycle. The key issues include setting up the server that hosts the web application, install and configure operating system, run time environment, setup test environment and other required middleware. Companies spend most of their time and resources to set up the development platform which is expensive and tedious process. These issues can be addressed by building and deploying applications on Cloud. Synergetics PaaS delivers a robust platform, allowing developers to build, test and deploy applications with ease. Letting the enterprises focus on application and innovation, rather than managing complex computing resources.

Benefits :

Application development framework : Our PaaS solution supports any frameworks that are based on the language of choice for that platform and lets you to build and run any number of applications as per your requirements.

Improved resource utilization: Our solution streamlines application management by providing a stable and homogenous platform. Allowing enterprise to improve infrastructure utilization and speed up the productivity.

Reduced cost: PaaS solution eliminates the cost of buying and managing hardware, software, platform tools and kits needed to build apps. Instead, all these are delivered as a service and offers a pay-as-you-go model.


Overview: Organizations have their business applications running on different workloads, that completely rely on the usage patterns. Some applications have stable users and some spiky and others unpredictable loads. For example, any eCommerce or gaming sites might experience spiky loads during holidays or time of day or day of the week. So, building and running application with on-premises infrastructure during spike demands incurs high up-front cost and requires additional resources to accomplish high performance. Synergetics addresses this by providing a highly scalable PaaS environment that ensures auto scaling of network, storage and compute resources as per the growing business needs.


  • Continuous delivery of products by overcoming any system crashes from unexpected spikes in demand

  • Eliminates the downtime issue, customers can access applications comfortably during optimal usage periods

  • Improve the speed of your production and outsome by letting the customers have a better access experience without any outages issue


Overview: Companies using complex and expensive on-premises infrastructure are likely to experience peak traffic issues. Due to the fluctuations in traffic pattern, there would be low utilization rates of high cost computing resources and maintaining them is also a huge hassle. Synergetics provides the reliable, scalable, secure, and high performance infrastructure required for the most demanding web applications. Enables Auto Scaling of servers that can grow or shrink on demand, that is it launches or terminates instances based on load. This shared platform automatically allocates the resources without changing the existing infrastructure, allowing users to deploy easily regardless of any application requirement changes.


Faster time to market: We provide highly scalable and automated PaaS solutions for developing applications efficiently, irrespective of any frequent changes made with the application requirements.

Best fit for Agile: The scalable feature of our PaaS solution suits well for Agile application methodologies, by provisioning necessary platforms with an iterative and incremental development process.

Improved collaboration: With PaaS solution, developers build applications rapidly by having an effective collaboration with the dev teams working at different geographic locations.

IaaS: Core Infrastructure | Storage | Identity | Hybrid IT

Core Infrastructure:

Overview: Some recent research reports say that businesses are experiencing critical pressure in managing IT infrastructure efficiently, with a huge concern over cost savings and speed-to-market. Enterprises invest more than 75% of time and budget in managing the IT infrastructure such as servers, storage, identity and security services, networking and IT processes and compliance. This is essential to manage efficiently in today’s highly business competitive environment. Synergetics helps you understand and strive for a more secure, well-managed, and dynamic core infrastructure that will help enable you to reduce your overall IT costs, make better use of IT resources, and make IT a strategic asset for your business. Also, it supports IT professionals in the management of servers, desktops, mobile devices, and applications and in achieving high utilization rate of resource usage to eliminate unnecessary IT resource costs and complexity, ensuring your continuous business growth and outcomes, and establishing a responsive infrastructure.

Synergetics delivers highly secure, scalable and well-managed core infrastructure with on-demand access to virtual servers, helping enterprises achieve extraordinary business value.


Highly scalable: We provide a flexible and scalable compute infrastructure, wherein you can quickly provision resources to meet your on-demand business requirements.

Reduced cost: Core infrastructure minimises overall IT cost by offering a pay-as-you-go model, where you only pay for what you use. It also eliminates the complexity of unmanaged IT management by moving it to a dynamic Cloud environment.

More secure: The dynamic core infrastructure is more secure and less vulnerable. Thus, the highly automated and proactive infrastructure management improves the speed of production and hence, outcomes.


Overview: As business technology continues to evolve, facing major challenges in storing and managing large volumes of data, the volume of information available to businesses continues to grow exponentially and needs to be stored, managed, and used by the business to drive future decisions.

This storage management process is tedious and expensive. The main drivers for this information explosion include: Compliance – the requirement for legal and regulatory needs to store essential information; Business Value – the more a business knows about its markets, customers, competition, and overall business climate the better decisions they can make for the future; Customer Satisfaction – as business technology has increased, so too has consumer technology. Customers in all markets are becoming increasing tech savvy and demanding more from the businesses that serve them. This challenge can be addressed by Cloud storage. Synergetics Cloud storage provides a scalable and secure data storage, allowing you to access and manage your critical data efficiently.


Fast data access: Synergetics Cloud Storage provides fast and easy access to your data stored in multiple geographic locations.

High utilisation rates: With Synergetics Cloud storage, soaring data can be moved to the Cloud, allowing you to store and manage the data efficiently. This increases utilisation rates without the hassle of maintaining the storage space.

Robust storage: We ensure highly robust storage for your high potential data with a perfect data-backup solution to manage and maintain data with ease. In addition to this, unlimited storage capacity to scale up and down as per business requirements is available.

Cost saving: Synergetics Cloud storage reduces costs through automation of storage management functions. This storage is highly elastic and provides virtualised resources to optimise cost and performance.


Overview: Industries started moving their workload to the Cloud, witnessing a real challenge in authorisation and access models in a Cloud environment. The primary issue is identifying users and creating appropriate access to enterprise resources while maintaining control and security. To accomplish this, Synergetics provides the organisation with a simple and strong Identity and Access Management solution to perform secure Cloud access with protection against threats.

The highly secured solution creates value-added services that plug-in to any enterprise system and quickly integrates with a broad range of commercially available enterprise software packages. This results in reduced complexity, operational maintenance and business process costs. All leading to minimize on-going capital expense and rapid up time-to-market.

Synergetics IAM solution provide all the benefits of the Cloud and achieves simplicity and robustness in every deployment, allowing enterprises to focus more on product innovation while seamlessly maintaining the highest level of security.


Increases productivity: We enable organisations to increase productivity by providing users self-service capabilities to manage their profile accounts independently. Users can enable single sign-on, instead of using multiple usernames and passwords.

Faster synchronisation: Our IAM service extends your on–premises directory to automatically sync up with the Cloud. In addition, it simplifies the user and access management to Cloud resources.

Meets on-demand business needs:The entire process of Identity and Access Management is critical for a growing, on-demand business. Our IAM solution helps easily reconfigure existing processes with new business processes.

Hybrid IT

Overview: Businesses often struggle finding an ideal solution to handle infrastructure for delivering heavy projects and scaling up, as per business requirements. By providing a common platform that spans private and public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud enables organizations to dynamically scale their IT infrastructure without changing the existing technology. Write, deploy, and manage applications in the Cloud the same way it is currently done. Synergetics delivers a solution for this by providing a secure and reliable Hybrid Cloud service, which supports your current workload and runs a number of applications effortlessly.

Synergetics Hybrid IT advice is built on a seamless architectural solution that is quickly customizable to support your application and security needs. We can stretch your network layers seamlessly from your data center to a Cloud platform Hybrid service without the need for manual configuration changes. Network virtualization enables us to configure your security firewalls and network as on-premises data centers so that you can replicate the network your applications need to operate. Common Identity and Access Management across your onsite and offsite Cloud locations are provided.


Core benefits of Hybird IT include:

  • Quick shift of existing technology: With a Hybrid Cloud, enterprises can move their existing infrastructure quickly without any changes and provide a flexible application availability to experience the maximum benefits.

  • Cost saving: Hybrid Cloud saves costs of buying an in-house server and allocates resource for scaling on-demand projects without investing in the local IT infrastructure.

  • Data security: Hybrid Cloud provides high data security by keeping potential data behind the firewall and outside the public Cloud with proper data compliance.